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Yosemite Wood Bar Stool


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Product Details

The Yosemite wood bar stool recreates the improvised, utilitarian look of early 20th century factory furniture. Rough-hewn planks crafted entirely from solid pine bear the characteristic saw marks, dents, pits, and random knots of logs milled on the steam-powered circular and sash saws of the era. A rustic black pine finish balances transparency and opacity to showcase these natural imperfections.

• Made from solid Pine.

• Exposed bolts and hammered metal drawer pulls.

• Features carved saddle-style seat for hours of dining comfort.

Dimensions: 19" W x 31" H x 15" D

Weight: 24 lbs

Cubes: 8.2

Recommended Care

Dust frequently with a clean, damp, lint-free cloth. Frequent dusting will remove abrasive build-up which can damage a finish over time. Occasionally use a light application of a high quality furniture polish to enhance the beauty of the finish. Avoid using oily polishes or waxes. Avoid exposing your furniture to strong sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade the finish of your furniture.

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