Real solid wood is a living material, one that responds to environmental changes by expanding and contracting with the seasons. Working with solid wood requires a unique skill set that starts with the design process and continues through engineering and production. We work with a talented team of in-house designers and partners around the globe to conceptualize pieces that not only harness the beauty and strength of solid wood, but incorporate a high level of pragmatic functionality and timeless appeal.

Using time-honored production techniques craftsmen the world over have handed down for generations, we build each design with the material in mind, taking care to use the strongest joinery and bonding methods available to the industry. Our frame and panel construction safeguards against warping and twisting, while our surface preparation and finishing methods beautifully highlight the character of the organic material and showcase its unique grain patterns.

As we thoughtfully incorporate materials like metal, upholstery, fiber-reinforced concrete, and acrylic, the appeal of our core natural material continues to shine. In our commitment to providing a rich, gratifying experience through design, we are proud to deliver heirloom-quality furniture made with passion and integrity.

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